Dental Burr 

Dental Carbide Burrs

These dental carbide burrs feature an extra coarse, coarse, double cut, fine, medium fine and super fine pattern, developed for finishing stone & plaster, chrome and cobalt alloys, ceramics, and other precious metals.

Cutters With Very Large Criss-cross Toothing / Super Coarse

Used for grinding stone & plaster, tray materials and acrylics.

Cutters With Large cross Toothing / Coarse

Used for chrome-cobalt, chrome-nickel, and other kinds of alloys and are noted for their high wear stability.

Cutters With Standard Fine Toothing / Medium

Used for finishing gold, other metals and acrylic plastic materials.

Cutters With Fine Criss-cross Toothing / Medium-fine

Used for finishing the surfaces of precious metals, chrome-cobalt, chrome-nickel alloys, steel, as well as ceramics.

Cutters With Fine Spiral Toothing

Used for grinding alloys made of precious metals, metal-ceramic materials and titanium. The surfaces of the cutters are given fine sharp edges and the spiral system of breaking off the chips, thus ensuring the economical removal of the machined material

Cutters With Super Fine Criss-cross Toothing / Super Fine

Used for finishing ceramic materials, gold and alloys of precious metals.


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